Challenge. Kaizen is a sports nutrition brand that prides on being the cleanest and most natural product line across Canada. This poses a design goal to solidify an existing brand and bring a personality that speaks to the identity.

Solution. Throughout the years of working with Kaizen, different solutions were created, from T-shirt prints, bottlecap, sticker labels, educational booklets, and in-store P.O.P. marketing.

Challenge. A weight loss product that has won consumers choice awards in 2015. The challenge is to refresh or update the look of the packaging to meet modern design needs while keeping a similar identity.

Solution. RRESOSO composed a similar look and feel that could take on competitor products on store shelves without compromising too much of its original look, therefore projecting a comparable product that challenges consumer’s choice.

Challenge. Bodylogix is an international protein and nutrition supplement brand. The task partakes contributing design solutions for extending awareness to its growing brand mainly for both United States and Canada.

Solution. The brand thrives in a lifestyle of both healthy living and bodybuilding. We generated simple magazine advertisements specifically for male and female audiences that could portray either the ideal lifestyle. Along with that, we helped create product knowledge handouts that can be read with ease for consumers to understand the industry of bodybuilding and the importance of nutritional supplements.

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